About TSC

Powered by the Sport Management Student Union (SMTSU), The Sports Complex (TSC) is THE go-to stop to hear future sports professionals sound off on the industry.

Contributors: Regular contributors to The Sports Complex include:
        Kevin Giordano - SMTSU Co-Founder and Senior Adviser
        Kevin Rossi - SMTSU President
        Kevin Murray - SMTSU Vice President
        Greg Monforte - SMTSU Director of Marketing and Outreach
        Lindrit Shkodra - SMTSU Treasurer
        Mark Gress - Drexel Steinbright Career Development Center
        Patrick Gallagher - Drexel SMTSU Graduate Adviser
        Kevis Pinto - former SMTSU Director of Events
        Hayley Zedeck - former SMTSU Director of Marketing
        Ryan Pratt - former SMTSU Secretary
        Josh Brackett - Drexel Sport Management student
        Matt Puzio - Drexel Sport Management student
        Zach Cintron - Drexel Sport Management student
        Aaron Coleman - Drexel Sport Management student

Approach: TSC aims to highlight SMTSU's four-pronged approach: industry education, networking, professional development, and personal development. Featured content includes:

  • The Sports Biz Report
    • A weekly podcast that gives an overview of the past week in the sports industry as well as an in-depth discussion on a topic with an industry professional.
  • Co-Op Confidential
    • A journey through the internship experiences of Drexel Sport Management students.
  • Freshman Files
    • Documents the ups, downs and everything in between during freshman year as a Drexel Sport Management student.
  • Becoming a Professional MVP
    • A bi-weekly career development column focused on breaking into sports authored by Patrick Gallagher, the SMTSU's Graduate Adviser and Drexel Athletics employee. 
  • Leaving Your Mark
    • A bi-weekly career development column authored by Mark Gress, former Employee Relations Coordinator within the Steinbright Career Development Center at Drexel University.

Additional Information: For advertising inquiries or requests for more information, please sent us an email at drexelsmtsu@gmail.com.