Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Under Further Review No. 4: Josh Verlin

What started as a growing love for college hoops at the University of Pittsburgh then moved to across the state to Temple University has now grown into the posts, pages and profiles of City of Basketball Love. Josh Verlin is the driving force behind it all, and there's no stopping him. He has an unbridled love for college basketball and the sports journalism knowledge to keep building the already impressive site.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Abolishing the 'One and Done'?

For the 2006 NBA Draft, the NBA implemented a new rule adding an age limit to players entering:  19 years of age or one year removed from college.  The term 'one and done' was then coined for this rule as many of the top players played one year in college, only to declare for the NBA draft after the season had ended.  Since its implementation, many college student-athletes have left college for the NBA to (1) become a successful  professional athletes and (2) to earn a payday.  However, it appears that the latter may be considered the commonality.

Guard the Post: Analyzing the legitimacy of changes

I have written extensively about the need for change in the governing body of college sport on this blog. As a supporter of the college sport reform movement, I have highlighted a multitude of areas that need care: health insurance for athletes, coverage of extra costs associated with attendance of college, freedom for athletes to use their own likeness to earn money, and, finally, the formation of a legitimate group of advisers to represent college athletes to their universities and other governing bodies. What happened in the past two weeks to work towards these goals and changes? Below is an analysis.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Under Further Review No. 3: Kami Mattioli

In just a few short years, Kami Mattioli has gone from a writer at Temple University's to the college basketball editor at Sporting News. She has the unique perspective on writing from inside an organization that the traditional "news" media covers and now for an outside, news-gathering media. Earlier in the week, she spoke with us about the difference between working inside and outside, content generation and her new position with Sporting News.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Flaws of Instant Replay in Major League Baseball

The expansion of instant replay has been an interesting transition into Major League Baseball. You can follow @MLBReplays on Twitter to see every play that is being reviewed. We are about three weeks into the season and people have different opinions on instant replay. Obviously, Major League Baseball is trying to get all the correct calls, however even with replays they have still botched a few calls. John Farrell was the first manager to get ejected over arguing an overturned call. He thought there was not enough conclusive evidence to overturn the initial call. This got me thinking whether or not expanded instant replays should have been part of Major League Baseball but there is no turning back now. They implemented it and now it will be here to stay. There will definitely need to be some tweaks to the system. Here are some things that bother me about instant replay.

Sport For Thought: The Michael Jordan of the Swimming Pool

Michael Jordan. Michael Phelps. Both of these athletes have dominated and are undoubtedly the greatest athletes in their respective sports. But can you believe they have both failed at the same thing? It seems that Phelps' time playing golf was not as enjoyable as he originally planned when entering retirement. Being the greatest at a sport is not all they have in common after Phelps' recent and shocking decision last week of ending his retirement. After completely one of the most legendary and decorated careers in basketball history and announcing his retirement, Michael Jordan could not last long away from the court. Michael Phelps seems to be taking a similar route as Jordan by coming out a retirement a year after completing one of the most decorated careers in Olympic history.

Friday, April 18, 2014

NBCUniversal Unveils Comprehensive "Championship Sunday" Programming

NBCUniversal unveiled its “Championship Sunday” programming for May 11th, the final day of the Barclay’s Premier League. Less than a month away, NBCUniversal will execute its most inclusive broadcast of the Premier League in the United States. What is queuing up to be a day of high-stakes and rollercoasters-of-emotion, all 10 matches will be broadcasted simultaneously across NBC’s family of networks. The race for the title and escape from relegation will begin at 10 am ET. Below are the participating networks 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outside the Octagon: Team MMA, The Next US Sport?

About a week ago Deadspin posted an article about Team MMA.  If you have not seen the video I highly recommend you click on the link and check it out.  To summarize the video, it is a 5 on 5 match between Poland and Sweden.  Each person fights one person on the other team.  When someone wins they are now free to help out any of their teammates.  You can imagine that this is when it starts to get pretty insane.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Under Further Review No. 2: Aaron Bracy

Philadelphia is known for its passionate sports fan base, and right up their in the long line of sporting tradition in the city is college hoops. With the Palestra oozing with basketball lore and the historic Big 5 -- and Drexel constantly trying to nudge their way in to make it the City 6 -- Philadelphia makes a convincing case as the most exciting college basketball city in America.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Drexel Connection: Mike Mazzeo

This week the Drexel Connection spotlights Mike Mazzeo. Mike currently writes for ESPN New York covering New York Sports but more specifically the Brooklyn Nets. Mike graduated Drexel with a sport management degree in 2010. Mike also now holds a spot on the Drexel Sport Management Student Union advisory board.

Blocking The Plate - Do You Know What This Means?

Tony Gwynn Jr. meets Jeff Mathis at the dish, for a little more than dinner

  I thought I did, but after watching this play unfold in the Sunday afternoon Marlins, Phillies game I was left perplexed by the new rule blocking the plate rule implemented by MLB.  When the rule was first announced and explained to me via MLB Network, I have to admit I didn't know what the foul ball they were talking about. From the get go it seemed like a whole lot of gray area added to a play that was clean cut before the rule came about.  You either blocked the plate and got ran over, or you blocked the plate and got ran over.  If you are unfamiliar with the new rule, here it is, in that same article, veteran catcher A.J. Pierzynski was outright about his displeasure with the new rule.

Words of Wisdom from Phillies College Media Night

By Ellen J. Staurowsky, Professor, Drexel Sport Management

Recently the SMTSU Sports Complex introduced a new segment focusing on professional development advice from mentors and advisors.   The purpose of the segment is to “bring insight to anyone . . . looking for a little 'boost' if they are down or courage to keep on moving”. 

Co-op Confidential: Matt Louis, Scholastic Play by Play Classics

Name: Matt Louis
Year: Sophomore
Co-op Employer: Scholastic Play-by-Play Classics
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Job Title: Marking and Public Relations Coordinator

What is Scholastic PlaybyPlay Classics?
Scholastic Play by Play Classics is an organization that hosts the best high school basketball teams and players from around the United States for tournaments and showcases. Current and former NBA players that have been showcased by SPBPC include: Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Dejuan Wagner, Eddie Giffin, Jameer Nelson, Kevin Durant, O.J. Mayo, and Michael Beasley. SPBPC has hosted camps and showcases in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Monday, April 14, 2014

What to Take Away From the First Weeks of the 2014 MLB Season

The moment millions of fans waited for took place just a couple of weeks ago, and that was the opening day of the 2014 Major League Baseball season, which took place in Australia. The day is so beloved that former-Cardinals' great Ozzie Smith partnered with Budweiser and made a petition to have Opening Day become a national holiday. As the season rolls through, many different headlines emerge out of the shadows, some for better, and some for worse. Here are a few things that can be taken away after the first two full weeks of this season:

Co-op Confidential: Frank Perri, Penn Athletics


Name: Frank Perri
Year: Pre-Junior
Co-op Employer: University of Pennsylvania Athletic Department
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Job Title: Ticket Office Assistant

Who is Penn Athletics?
Penn Athletics is the department that manages the 31 sports for the University of Pennsylvania. Competing in the Ivy Sport Group, the ECAC, and the NCAA, Penn fields over a thousand athletes in West Philadelphia. Home of two of the most famous sport facilities in the United States, Franklin Field and The Palestra, Penn has been a pillar of collegiate sport for decades. The Penn Relays is the most-famous and longest-running track and field event in the country and brings over 100,000 spectators  to Franklin Field over three days.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Guard the Post: There are no warning flags left for Brazil, Rio

Last year, there was a lot of conversation around the Rio 2016 planning committee and how far behind they were on the preparation for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Luckily, the organizer got a bit of a break from the media mercenaries thanks to a man named Putin and some place called Sochi. Now, with Sochi 2014 in the books, all of the international sport focus has shifted to Rio. Guess what? It hasn't gotten better.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm Happy it is April because March was Mad!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the weather is getting nicer, and everyone's calendar has turned from March to April.  These do not only signify the changing of the seasons, but the end of college basketball.  Once again, March was pure madness as seventh seeded UConn squeaked by eighth seeded Kentucky to claim their first championship in the post-Jim Calhoun era.  What a start to Kevin Ollie's tenure as head coach!  Shabazz Napier's performance and leadership this past month brings back memories of the last time UConn took home the title:  Kemba Walker led the underdog Huskies straight to the championship as one of the greatest runs from the conference tournament to the big show.  While this tournament may have been the most exciting in a long long time, not every fan was able to view it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Under Further Review No. 1: Adam Hermann

Welcome to the new and improved "Under Further Review" column! From here on out, we are going to get a little more hands-on with the sports media industry and explore what makes the industry so darn great with the people that make it all happen.

State of the Student Union: Spring 2014

The weather is finally warming up for good -- I think -- and so is the Sport Management Student Union's schedule of events. Winter may have stolen a major event from us last term, but we are back and better than ever with the turning of the season. The SMTSU and I are proud to present to you the SMTSU Spring Series.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Madness is Over

                                                                                             CHARLIE NEIBERGALL/AP
What a tournament it was. The University of Connecticut made an improbable run and defeated the University of Kentucky in the 2014 National Championship Game. Funny to think how Saint Joe’s was just one rebound away from sending UConn home in the first round and now UConn is the national champion. Kevin Ollie did a remarkable job coaching this team to a championship. What was the highlight of this tournament? You probably can’t pick just one. March Madness, to me, is without question the best sporting event of the year. There were so many things that happened throughout the tournament so here are three topics that may have gotten lost through the madness.

Sport For Thought: 10 Tips for Success with the Director of Client Services from Octagon

It's not everyday when I am given the opportunity to speak with and receive a lecture from one of the top sports and entertainment marketing agencies in the world. Over Spring break, I had the opportunity of participating in a study abroad program in London England, for a British Sport & Culture class. As a class, we were able to tour amazing sports venues like Lord's Cricket Arena, Wimbledon, and Chelsea Academy, as well as hearing unforgettable and informative presentations. Among the presentations, a lecture by Jacinta Fisher, Client Services Director for the sports marketing agency Octagon, resonated with me most.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Becoming a Professional MVP: Passion is to Sports as Excitement is to Your Career

The definition of sports can mean many different things depending on who you ask – ranging from the mainstream sports of basketball, baseball, football and hockey to biking, hiking, yoga and anything in between. But one thing that most of us can agree on is that passion is the underlying theme that drives us to pursue that particular interest area of physical activity.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Full 90: Barca Slapped with 14-month Transfer Ban

Football’s golden-child was slapped with a 14-month ban for the illegal signing of international minors. What came as a shock to many Barcelona fans, the Catalonian-club should have seen this coming. After all, it was a year ago that FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, publicly warned Barcelona of amending its unethical recruitment tactics. Apparently Barca didn’t think FIFA would act on its words.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Outside the Octagon: Crowdfunding in Professional Fighting

Professional athletes are always trying to find new ways to make money to help them personally and to allow them to commit to their sport full time.  Some of the past ways include sponsorships and endorsements, autograph signings, personal appearances etc. MMA athletes have added a new one to the list, crowdfunding.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Guarding the Post: Winter has come and gone (hopefully), but a different kind of vortex hit the sport industry last week

The first step occurred 64 days ago. Kain Colter, the National College Players Association (NCPA), and the United Steelworkers announced the creation of the College Athlete Players Association (CAPA). The Association filed paperwork on behalf of the Northwestern University Football team to be labeled as employees and to have the right to form a union and collectively bargain for better treatment. Last Wednesday, the applicants were rewarded, and the second step begun.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Opening Week: Phillies Edition

 Dust off those Phillies shirseys (shirt-jersey) and jerseys you thought you wouldn't be using this year, the Phillies are 1-0 and started this year off with an unexpected offensive explosion in today's most exciting opening game.  If you predicted two touch downs by the Phillies in their opening game vs. the Texas Rangers today then head to your nearest lottery ticket provider immediately.  Seen as one of the club's bigger question marks entering the season, the offense looked like a well oiled machine today posting a whopping 14 runs out scoring the Rangers 10.  Since 2011 the Phillies offense has been sputtering, dropping all the way to 26 of 30 last year at just 3.77 runs per game. If you clicked on that link, take note of the four teams under the Phillies for the 2013 season...not pretty.  Anyways, they lead the league so far this year with 14 runs per game and finally the team's key contributors on offense are all fully healthy.  While today's outburst was terrific, consistency is a must if this team wishes to make some noise one last time.  Lets take a look at some of the highlights from today's game.