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As a student organization commited to furthering the professional careers of Drexel Sport Management students , employees, and colleagues, professional development is a vital area of focus. We hope that this page will bring insight to anyone who visits our site and provide valuable assistance to anyone looking for a little 'boost' if they are down or courage to keep on moving.

"Take on new projects. There is nothing more I like to see in a co-op than showing initiative and taking on something that they are not very familiar with. Many times I have asked a co-op to do a project that might include something that they are not very familiar with and they rather not do it then learn something new. Taking on challenges shows your co-op that you are not afraid to learn new things and only opens the door to work on new projects. Taking initiative will leave a lasting impression on a co-op and can only lead to expanding your professional network."
         -Sean Joyce, Assistant Athletic Director, External Relations, Drexel Athletics
"My words of advice for an intern/co-op would be to dress for success, make sure you are dressed appropriately for your position. Volunteer for other opportunities with the organization, don't just settle for the job description. Lastly, meet and get to know as many people as you can in the organization and stay in touch once the internship or co-op is over."
         -Jill Axel, Senior Associate Athletic Director, External Relations, Drexel Athletics
"In a workplace environment, whether it is at a company, in an education institution, or for a sporting team; if you are working in an office space, introduce yourself to the people who you pass in the hallway or encounter in the staff kitchen. This helps build interoffice relationships at work and it is likely that you will collaborate in the future."
"Before an interview, do some research about the company/institution/team you will be interviewing with. Dress professionally, even if you know the work attire is shorts, jeans, or a t-shirt. You will be remembered and dressing up makes you feel good about yourself!!"
         -Sarah Grogan, M.S. Senior Academic Advisor, Center for Hospitality and Sport Management, Drexel University
"Do it with Food - I don't know enough about the sport industry, but learned a lesson early on in doing business-meet over food or drink whenever possible. It may make you fat, but has the added benefit of settlings into a conversation, bringing up topics of interest beyond the meeting agenda, disarming the other party with warm hospitality, and forming a bond you don't get in an office. For the price of a cup of coffee, you may have a lasting connection."
         -Dr. Jonathon Deutsch, Professor and Founding Director, Center for Hospitality and Sport Management, Drexel University
"One of the most important things to do when you arrive in a new work environment is to learn the culture. You've learn a lot at Drexel, and you've had other work experiences--that's all good. But each organization is different and developing your soft skills is critical to being successful in your new job. Soft skills can include active listening, taking initiative, putting your smartphone away when talking with someone, and learning to respect a wide range of skills in your colleagues. Employers often note that first time employees who keep these kinds of "tools in their tool box" succeed at a much higher rate. So demonstrate your soft skills to your employer and watch your career take off."
         -Dr. Karen Weaver, Clinical Associate Professor of Sport Management, Drexel University
"My message to you is this. Many say they want to work in sports. Few say they wish to be the leaders and influencers who will shape sport as a humane and caring enterprise for generations to come. Aspire to that. Have in your toolkit the capacity to critically think, to motivate with belief in the power of the human condition to shine bright, and to periodically speak the forbidden in service to the truth. Brazilian educator and activist Paolo Freire has been credited with observing that “we make the road by walking”. It is a privilege to walk along with you on your journey through Drexel, your career, and your life."

-Dr. Ellen Staurowsky, Professor of Sport Management, Drexel University

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