Monday, February 17, 2014

The Drexel Connection: Kevin Giordano

This week the Drexel Connection spotlights Kevin Giordano. Kevin currently provides social media expertise to a global pharmaceutical company. Kevin is also the co-founder of the Drexel Sport Management Student Union. After graduating last year, Kevin now holds a position on our advisory board. 

Kevin is part of a small team that is tasked with governing the company’s use of social media. The team also actively provides guidance to a variety of departments, from commercial brand teams to R&D and HR. Prior to landing this job, he focused on business development and cultivating innovative marketing partnerships within the sport industry. He spent some time with a small agency called Two Affix where he provided a variety of consulting services including social media support to top professional athletes. Kevin had other stops as a partnership marketer with the University of Pennsylvania and operations in both men’s and women’s professional soccer.

I asked Kevin what his day to day responsibilities include.

“In a fast-paced industry like pharma, no two days are exactly alike. The company is far larger than the small marketing agencies and professional teams I have been with previously, which means many moving parts and the need to perform with both flexibility and rigor. Each day generally consists of checking the latest publications to ensure I have a solid grasp of the dynamic social media landscape, monitoring our open social channels, and meeting with other departments to offer expertise on external campaigns.”

On what his favorite part of the job was, Kevin responded:

“By far, my favorite aspect of the job is knowing my work has a direct impact on the lives of patients who unfortunately need to take our medicines. It behooves us, as a company and an industry, to ensure we are providing patients with the support, information, and connections they need to maintain their quality of life and in some cases, survive. Knowing I have a role in that, even if only a small one, is an extremely rewarding feeling.”

I then proceeded to ask Kevin where he was hoping to end up in the future.

“That's a great question. Having graduated from the sport management program in December, this is my first true professional experience outside of co-ops and internships. I have the privilege of supporting a number of sports campaigns now. At the end of the day, it's about ensuring that I hone the necessary skills for long-term career growth in any industry, whether that be in pharmaceuticals, sports, or any other.”

Lastly, I asked Kevin what his biggest piece of advice was.

“Well there may be students who first and foremost may not have interest in embarking on a path to my current profession, especially those within sport management. I would say no matter your ultimate career goal, don't be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone. Employers appreciate well-rounded candidates who were willing to take risks and can bring insights from other industries to their company. An organization where each employee had a similar journey is a boring one.”

We are very proud to have Kevin Giordano as part of the Drexel Family and the Drexel Connection.


Lindrit Shkodra is originally from Diber, Macedonia but lives in Maple Shade, NJ. He is a sophomore in the Sports Management program and is currently the Treasurer of the Drexel Sport Management Student Union. He currently works for KCB Sports Marketing. In the past, he has work experience with Ron Jaworski's Celebrity Golf Challenge and Ridgewells Catering at the 2013 U.S. Open.  Follow Lindrit on Twitter @LindritShkodra.

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