Monday, July 7, 2014

MLB Tradeline: Who is on the Move?

Leading up to the MLB All Star Break, all the general managers start saving their minutes, as their phones will be ringing nonstop until the July 31st trade deadline at 4 PM. Blockbuster trades are what some fans and analysts crave every time this date rolls around, and some players are just happy to move onto a contending team. Some greats that have been part of major trades are Sammy Sosa, Ricky Henderson, Miguel Cabrera, and of course. Babe Ruth. Here are some players that I believe will be packing their bags for somewhere new in 2014.

  • David Price - Price has been the ace of the Tampa Bay Rays pitching staff for the last two years, but unfortunately falls victim to Tampa Bay's philosophy of not signing players to long term extensions worth big money; the reason Carl Crawford signed with Boston in 2011, and why they traded James Shields to the Kansas City Royals before the 2013 season. With Jeff Samardzija already being traded to the Athletics, Price is by far the best pitcher available on the market, and with the cubs receiving top prospects for Samardzija, the Rays will most likely have a very high asking price for Price. The St. Louis Cardinals have top outfield prospect Oscar Taveras with no where to put him, and a plethora of injured pitchers, so they seem like a very strong candidate to acquire Price's services.
  • Dayan Viciedo - Viciedo is not a household name yet, as he plays on the small market Chicago White Sox, but teams are already breaking down the doors trying to get him in their lineup. A the young age of 25, Viciedo has shown he has a power bat from the right side of the plate, and he has a decent arm in right field. Put into the right situation, a lineup with protection around him, it would not be a surprise to see Viciedo blossom. The Red Sox and the Mariners are my top two trade candidates for Viciedo, as they are each searching for a power right-handed bat, along with outfield talent. 
  • Huston Street - Street is no stranger to being traded, as he was a part of the trade that sent himself and Carlos Gonzales to the Rockies, and Matt Holliday to the Athletics. He currently closes for the Padres in pitcher friendly Petco Park, where he has been great. But solid closing pitching is a strong asset, and a team in the hunt for the postseason my see Street as a big part of them making it far, and with the Padres in full rebuild mode, which includes currently not having a GM, Street is bound to be on the move. Teams like the Tigers and Angels, who are battling for their divisions, and have had major problems at the closer role, will have a very close eye on Street throughout the month of July.                                                                                 
  • Troy Tulowitzki - Tulo has been an integral part of the Rockies nucleus for the past seven years, and is believe to the be the best shortstop in the National League, if not the Major Leagues. A player of this caliber, someone who has the potential to win MVP, a Silver Slugger, and a Gold Glove in the same year, warrants a heavy trade package in return. The team that I would see best fit to take on Tulo would be the Yankees, who are looking for a successor to Derek Jeter come season's end, but their minor league talent may not be enough to put Tulo in pinstripes. The Cardinals once again come to mind as a trade destination for Tulo, as they have a very talented farm system, and would be happy to move Jhonny Peralta if it meant putting Tulo at short. A trade at the deadline for Tulowitzki is most likely not in the cards, but just hearing star names being on the block sure will rile any fan up during trade season. 

Bennett Schiff is a sophomore in the Drexel Sport Management program, and one of the few members of the major from the powerful state of Rhode Island. He has volunteered for the U.S. Open of Squash held at Drexel as well as becoming a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. He has worked hard as member of the SMTSU, and is currently their secretary. 


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