Monday, August 6, 2012

Is There a Connection Between Sports and the Illuminati?

Before reading, please note: much of this article is pure speculation. Please take it for what it is and make your own judgments.

Many conspiracy theorists allege that a group our society's most powerful and influential individuals have and continue to conspire to control global affairs. They call this group of people the Illuminati. However, due to their secrecy, very little is known about this organization. Whether or not it still exists could even be debated.

Many of the world's elite have been connected to the Illuminati in one conspiracy or another- Presidents, CEOs, bankers, scientists, artists, musicians...the list goes on. As such, is it so farfetched to presume that Illuminati connections could also be influencing the world of sport as we know it?

Let's look at a couple of organizations for examples. We'll start with the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell is the son of the late U.S. Senator Charles E. Goodell. Charles Goodell was appointed to Congress to fill a vacancy caused by the death of Daniel Reed. He was then specially appointed by Nelson Rockefeller, whose family has been linked with the Illuminati on numerous occasions, to fill a vacancy after the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

All of this proves exactly nothing. But please bear with me.

Roger Goodell is married to former Fox News anchor Jane Skinner. Of course, as a major media outlet, Fox News has been linked to the Illuminati on numerous occasions, each of which has been purely speculatory.

Now, for the kicker. The outcome of the last Redskins home game before the Presidential election has predicted 18 of the last 19 elections. If the Redskins won the game, the incumbent party won the election, and vice versa. This trend held true for the first 17 election years of the existence of the Redskins franchise until it was broken in 2004. It got back on track in 2008. The Redskins play the Green Bay Packers at home on October 31, 2012.

Are 17 straight election years a coincidence? That, of course, is for you to decide.

Now let's move on to our second case study: the Olympics. Again, purely circumstantial evidence here so make of it what you will. 

Here we have the light fixtures that surround Wembley stadium in London, the home of the 2012 Olympics. Look familiar? They are eerily similar to perhaps the most famous Illuminati symbol of all: "the all-seeing eye", as seen on the United States dollar bill. 

Of course, there is much further speculation surrounding the Olympics, the 2012 Olympic logo (thought to spell out the word "Zion"), and the connections between the Illuminati and the founders of the modern Olympics. The deeper you look, the more connections there are. 

What do you think? Are the Illuminati using sports to control our minds and actions? Is it a bunch of baloney made up by Dan Brown to sell books? 


  1. Now we all know to go with the Skins in an upset over the Packers. Not that we condone gambling or anything.

  2. Definitely going to be cheering for the Skins for once in my life.

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  4. Wembley is the English national football stadium. The pictue you have is the Olympic stadium, London. Now empty and being given away...

    Couple of nice bits of info, the Redskins 'coincidence' is a beauty if true. Cheers

  5. Re: The Redskins play the Green Bay Packers at home on October 31, 2012 - election was on 6th November 2012 and the Redskins played the Carolina Panthers on 4th November 2012 with Panthers winning 21-13 (source:, so that means also in 2012 it was like in 2004 that it was not like the other 17 or so times pre 2004. Also Redskins didn't play the Packers for the whole of 2012 season as per the above NFL link

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  8. Sports is fixed at the professional level...cut and dry...easy peasy.
    No way the bookies pay out on a game or series matchups for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, because they accept wagers, and pay the huge contracts to athletes, refs and coaches...the outcome of a game can easily be orchestrated.
    The NFL security made up of a majority of ex-FBI agents.
    My advice to anybody reading this...try to figure which side has more money at risk to the sportsbooks...and bet the other side.
    Essy peasy-