Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two New Rules Passed That Could Have an Impact on the NFL

The NFL has already made two new rule changes for the upcoming year at the NFL Annual Meeting. While four proposals have yet to be voted on, two others did not take long to get passed. Of course with every decision there are two reactions. Some fans believe that these changes are taking away from the game and will eventually lead to the game basically being “flag football.” Others believe that this is great for the sport because player safety is a huge thing and it should be the number one priority. 

         The first proposal passed was not that big of a gulp for fans to swallow. The first rule change states that, “Teams will no longer be allowed to have more than six players on either side of the snapper at the snap of a point after or field goal attempt. This ‘overloading’ one side strategy was deemed to be unsafe and unnecessary. You can no longer hit an offensive lineman low, and the snapper now is considered a defenseless player.”
         The second proposal was actually one that was inspired by Houston Texans Linebacker Brian Cushing. This second rule change is “banning ‘peel-back blocks,’ making those low-blocks illegal even if they occur in the tackle box. This likely will be known as ‘The Brian Cushing rule’ after the Houston Texans linebacker suffered a serious injury on a peel-back block in 2012. 
         I actually really liked both of these decisions. They are not as dramatic as the running back rule that could be enforced where the running back will no longer be able to lead with their head. Thus, it will not cause a dramatic change in the way the game is played. Also, I know me personally, I never been a fan of players being hit below the knees. There are a lot of injuries and catastrophes that can occur when a player gets hit in this way especially when his body motion is trotting the other direction.
All in all, these two rule changes are beneficial for the game and player safety as a whole.

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