Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Co-op Confidential: Greg Monforte, Development Intern

Name: Greg Monforte
Year: Senior
Co-op Employer: Richard Stockton College
Location: Galloway, NJ
Job Title: Development Intern

What is the Development Department?
The development department at Stockton College is responsibility for raising funds for the college which are used to help benefit the students, alumni, and staff in a variety of ways.

How did you find this job?
Through one of my classes at Drexel, I had the opportunity to interview the Chief Development Officer. After this interview, I thought I would be interested in pursuing a career in development and learning more about the profession. I reached out to the CDO regarding a potential internship and I received this opportunity.

What are your favorite parts?
 My favorite part of the position is knowing that everything I do will benefit a student like myself in the future.

What are the most challenging parts?
 The most challenging part was getting used to the system that they use to keep track of their alumni. It can be a little confusing to navigate, but once I figured it out it has been much easier to use and vital to learn!

What skills have you used the most during your 6 months?
 The skill that I have used the most is my background in market research. I have spent a lot of time looking at alumni and donor lists, analyzing them, and segmenting them to try and find patterns amongst these populations.

What were some things that you have learned during the 6 months that you think will help you in the future?
 I think the biggest thing that I have learned that can help me in the future is improving my people skills. Being able to talk to and, more importantly, listen to other people is helpful not only in development, but in any career.

Learn more about the Stockton Foundation here.
Connect with Greg Monforte on LinkedIn here.
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