Friday, October 31, 2014

Full 90: Mysterious 2018 World Cup Logo Revealed

This week Russia revealed the 2018 World Cup logo. Initially, the logo received much criticism and many laughs on social media, when in actuality the 2018 World Cup logo is thematic and clever. The core of the design is based on upwards movement and space, symbolic for the act of achieving excellence and becoming champions of the world. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station creatively revealed Russia’s logo, which also resembles the World Cup trophy. 

Below is the symbolism hidden within the design:

  • Magic Windows
Rounded windows invite you to participate in a new FIFA World Cup discovery as well as reinforcing the shape of the magic football.

  • Lift-off
The symbolism of the dynamic propulsion of the spaceship as it lifts off becomes a metaphor for the anticipation of an intense and magical tournament.

  • Celebration
The rising movement is reminiscent of lifting the FIFA World Cup Trophy in celebration.

  • Magic Ball
A magic football that focuses attention on the world’s love of football and pays homage to Sputnik

  • Human Dream
The people element represents the exuberance of football players and excitement of fans as well as mankind’s ambition to reach for the stars

  • Bright Stars
Depicting football stars as well as stars in the sky, along with the fairy-tale glitter and sparkle that creates a magical FIFA World Cup experience for players and fans alike

Decide for yourself, too dependent on the past or forward-thinking?


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