Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Houston Astros Sold


For the first time in a while, baseball in Houston, Texas created some national buzz.  On Monday, a group led by Jim Crane bought the Houston Astros from Drayton McClane.  Jim Crane’s persistence finally paid off with the Houston Astros after his recent failed attempts to buy the Texas Rangers and the Chicago Cubs.  Major League Baseball still has to approve the deal.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the deal giving Jim Crane the Houston Astros is the price tag.  Crane will reportedly be coughing up $680 million for the team.  The deal is not only surprising because Astros have been struggling on the field since the mid 2000’s but also because the $680 million price tag will be good for the second highest dollar amount paid for a Major League Baseball team.  The current highest price tag belongs to the Chicago Cubs at $845 million.  Jim Cranes offer on the Astros will surpass the $660 million it took to buy the Boston Red Sox back in 2002.

There is no doubting Crane’s persistence to own a Major League Baseball team.  When Drayton McClane first put the Houston Astros up for sale back in 2008, Jim Crane unsuccessfully tried to buy the team.  His most recent MLB ventures include being involved in the bidding war for the Chicago Cubs two years ago and most recently teaming up with Mark Cuban in trying to buy the Texas Rangers.  Even after multiple failed attempts, Crane stayed with it and was successful in his last go-around.

If approved by Major League Baseball, Jim Crane will be inheriting a messy situation in Houston.  The team has struggled as of the past few seasons, consistently battling the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates for last place in the National League Central.  No word yet if he will continue exclusively attracting former Phillies players.

-Written by Kevin Rossi

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