Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer is Winding Down

As summer winds down, take a minute or two to look back.  Look back not only at your time spent in the classroom or in the office; remember to look at the whole picture.  Reflect back on the time you spent with your friends both at Drexel and back home.  Reflect back on time spent with your family.  No matter how successful you feel you were this summer, look back and ask yourself “how can I do better next summer?” 

Everybody needs to look back.  That’s how we grow as people.  Everybody has goals whether they are expressed allowed or kept within.  Did you exceed your goals this summer?

If you didn’t reach your goals, then that is alright.  You still have plenty of summers to come.  If you did, then don’t become complacent.  Next summer set the bar higher for yourself.  Don’t shy away from challenges.  Challenging yourself is how you get better.  Step outside your comfort zone.  That was a big one for me because I tend to stay with things that I know.  I hate not knowing what’s going to come next.  Stepping outside your comfort zone can be a very empowering task.  Ask yourself “when was the last time I did something for the first time?”

I have a personal tendency to get caught up in my resume and become a little career obsessed, which I’m sure other people can feel sometimes as well.  It is important to remember that no matter how competitive your field, you must take time for yourself.  Plenty of people think that they can be the one that doesn’t need to follow the rule.  Those same people eventually breakdown.  You’re in it for the long-haul; don’t wear yourself too thin when you’re only 19, 20, 21 years old.  It’s too soon.  Work hard but keep a healthy balance.  Your career is always there.  Don’t forget about yourself.

As summer winds down, take a minute or two to set some goals for yourself for when you’re in class or going out on co-op.  What do you expect to earn in your classes?  How do you plan on breaking down your study time and personal time?  What do you want to do when you’re not in class or working?  Maybe it sounds crazy to some of you to think about these things, but it is important.  You must always be striving for the next step.  Everybody plateaus at some point, but try to make that plateau as short as possible.

Class is more than going to class and getting grades.  Co-op is more than going to work and gaining real world experience.  You are still there through all of it.  Take care of you too.  Don’t forget about the person that makes it all tick.  As summer winds down, don’t forget about yourself.

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