Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UFC 152

This weekend UFC fans finally get to see Jon Jones try to defend his title for the fourth time.  He will be fighting one of my favorite fighters of all time Vitor Belfort.  This is the first UFC event in over a month and the first event after the cancelling of UFC 151.  For those of you that are not big fans of MMA UFC 151 was cancelled after Dan Henderson got injured and was unable to fight.  Chael Sonnen stepped up on eight days notice to fight but Jones declined.  Without a title fight the fight card was too weak and Dana White had to cancel an event for the first time in UFC history.  

UFC 152 also has a very weak card but the title fight has potential to be an amazing fight.  Belfort is fighting in a title fight for the second time in a year and a half.  His last title shot came against Anderson Silva in February 2011.  Belfort was KO’ed in the first round of that fight.  He hopes to have a much better showing this time.

Belfort has had a lot of success lately even though he is getting up there in age.  He is 35 years old but has a record of 21-9 and has won 7 of his last 8 fights with five of those wins being by KO or TKO.  Grappling has been Belfort’s best weapon winning half of his fights by submission.  

Jones coming into the fight has a record of 16-1 with his one loss being a DQ for an illegal elbow.  He is also much younger than Belfort only being 25 years old.  Jones will have the reach advantage and has superior wrestling skills to counter Belfort’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Only three of Jones fights have ever gone to decision.

If Belfort were fighting Jones in his prime I believe that this fight would have been a very explosive quick fight where it was anyone’s call who would win but right now I believe Jones is unbeatable and will win this fight in the second round by TKO.  Jones has the advantage in every category except for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  If Belfort could take Jones down to the ground it could make for an interesting fight.  Too bad no one has ever taken Jones down in a professional fight.  I think Jones wins easily and defends his title again.

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  1. Big weekend for the Jones family. Jon's brothers Arthur and Chandler square off in the Ravens/Patriots game on Sunday night.