Thursday, June 13, 2013

Water Cooler Talk: Achieving My Goals With Tough Mudder

I am writing today to expand on an article that I wrote back in May about achieving goals.  I wrote about how you should always set goals so you have something to work towards.  My personal goal was to complete the Tough Mudder on June 1st.  My friends and I were able to accomplish this.  I am going to tell you what I learned from the event that can be applied to your goals and to your career.

The first lesson that I learned is that if you truly believe in your mind you can accomplish something you will be able to.  The mind is a very powerful part of your body and if you use all the mental will that you have you can do whatever you want.  There were times during the race where I wanted to quit.  I would get to the top of a huge hill and think that it’s all downhill now just to turn the corner to see another big hill.  So many times I wanted to stop but I pushed myself to keep going because I knew it would be worth it in the end.  This concept can be applied to your studies and career.  At the end of a long day of classes sometimes you don’t want to do any homework or anything else but you need to push through because in the end it’s all going to pay off.

The other major lesson that I learned is the importance of teamwork.  If I did not have my team for this event there is no way I was going to finish.  We worked together on some of the tough obstacles and they pushed me the whole time to help me finish.  In class group projects happen in almost every class.  I usually hate them but now that I understand how something can get accomplished so much easier in a group I have a new respect for group projects.  Working in groups is going to follow you into your professional career so always make sure to work hard and find a group that has the same work ethic as you do.

In the end, Tough Mudder was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend people to try one.  Once you do it one time you are going to be hooked.  I have already signed up for the next one in October in North Jersey.  Just remember my lessons and not only will you succeed at the Tough Mudder but also in life.  


Greg Monforte is a Drexel University Sport Management pre-junior from South Jersey.  Currently he works at Not Just Pizza in Sicklerville, NJ and Daddis Fight Camps in Philadelphia where he has social media and marketing responsibilities.  Greg is also the SMTSU Director of Marketing & Outreach.  Follow Greg on Twitter @Greg_Monforte.

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