Monday, July 29, 2013

HIO: Don't Peak too Soon

On this blog, you'll find perhaps the most driven students around. Our contributors take time away from studies and their social lives to discuss the industry and latest happenings.

In addition, Sport Management Student Union (SMTSU) officers are driven beyond belief to make their mark on the sports industry and the working world. This aspiration is fantastic and from my experience, rare. However, to these individuals and everyone wishing to advance in their careers, I say: "Don't peak too soon."

In athletic competition, we understand the concept of peaking too soon. Numerous teams tend to be rockstars during the regular season but oddly turn into rocks in the playoffs. From physics, there is always a point of maximum momentum. Actual momentum is dynamic and always in flux.

Our professional lives are similar. We will be presented with unique opportunities to change trajectory. There will be an ultimate point where we will peak - that's life. Managing when we peak is important to consider early.

In the totality of one's professional career, there are sure to be unique opportunities. When Andrew Brandt -  ESPN's Sports Business Reporter and former VP with the Green Bay Packers - came to Drexel last year, he discussed his career-defining decision.

As a young sports agent representing top names in sports like running back Ricky Williams, Brandt was offered the opportunity to become VP of the Packers to oversee their salary cap and contract negotiations. He initially balked at the idea but took the chance to leave his comfort zone and develop a new set of skills.

Each of us has potential, that comes with youth. However, we must avoid viewing the world through an entirely professional lens and burning ourselves out. Sometimes, even in our professional career, we need to enjoy the process, smell the roses, and slow down. We must not peak too soon.


  1. I think my athletic career peaked when I was 12... Hopefully my professional career isn't the same way.

  2. Terrific, Kevin! Great read, and very true.