Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Under Further Review: Death of the Sports Highlight

Two weeks ago, Awful Announcing posed a simple question that, in theory, should have produced a simple answer.

Do we really want an old school highlights show?

Many of you, including myself, probably said yes.  You know how I know?  Because I have seen your tweets - angry tweets - about hating ESPN and hating Sportscenter.  I've spouted off a few of them myself, even written about it all on a few different occasions.

But our viewing do not indicate that we want to see an old school highlights show.  Highlight-based shows such as Highlight Express on ESPNNEWS and The Lights on NBC Sports Network have failed rather miserably. Which highlights show reigns supreme?


Maybe this is why we can't stand Sportscenter? (Awful Announcing)

Wait, what?  Don't we hate Sportscenter and all of its damn embrace debate buffoon-ary?  Well, if we really do hate it, then we do an impressively poor job of voting with our remotes.  Here is the ratings breakdown for the three shows:

The Lights (NBCSN): 21,000 viewer average in April
Highlight Express (ESPNNEWS): 53,000 viewer average (recently cancelled)
Sportscenter (ESPN): 11 p.m. edition had 1.145 million viewers on June 30th

The inability to vote with the remote could probably be a lack of knowledge into how media works from the general public.  Regardless, people are still hate-watching Sportscenter while there are viable highlight-laden options available.

Maybe instead of all-highlights, we just want the good ole days of Sportscenter back?  You know, with guys like Dan Patrick, Kenny Mayne, Trey Wingo, Chris Berman (1980's version), Keith Olbermann, Charlie Steiner, Rich Eisen, etc.  The list goes on.

Or maybe we have become desensitized to sports highlights?  We have seen enough diving catches and one-handed slams and glove saves and touchdowns.  Surely we have seen enough home runs, no thanks to Yoenis Cespedes.  After seeing so many, maybe they don't look as awesome as they once did.

So, here are my questions to you... Have you tried out The Lights or Highlight Express?  Did you stay and if you did not, then why did you not like it?  Weigh in on the comments section and answer our poll about it on Campus Soapbox!


Kevin Rossi is a pre-junior Drexel Sport Management major with a minor in Communications. Kevin has worked at Double Eagle Golf where he is now Social Media Coordinator and Comcast-Spectacor as their market research intern. Since joining the SMTSU, Kevin has worked his way up the ladder to Vice President. Currently, Kevin is a staff writer for, and he has joined Temple University Athletics Communications for co-op this spring/summer.  Follow Kevin on Twitter @kevin_rossi.

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