Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Melo Saga (Continued)

Since the beginning of the season, Carmelo Anthony has been itching for a trade. He has had enough of Denver and needs new scenery. Luckily for him, that day has finally come. On February 22nd, two days before the NBA trade deadline, he was traded to the New York Knicks. Included in his package going to NY are Chauncey Billups, Renaldo Balkman, Anthony Carter, and Shelden Williams. In return, the Denver Nuggets are getting Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, and Timofey Mozgov, in addition to the Knicks' 2014 first-round pick. the Warriors 2012 and 2013 second-round picks, and $3 million. The Knicks are also sending Eddy Curry to Minnesota for Corey Brewer. Anthony is expected to sign a 3-year, $65 million contract extension with the Knicks at the end of the season.

Written by Hayley Zedeck

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