Monday, February 7, 2011

Official Launch of "The Sports Complex"

PHILADELPHIA, PA- With the launch of Drexel University's Sport Management Student Union comes many new ideas and benefits to SMT and non-SMT students alike. One of the first of those benefits to fully materialize is The Sports Complex.

The Sports Complex, which followers can access from anywhere a WiFi or 3G signal can be found, will take many different functions. The first is informative- visit to find a range of information, from the time and place of Drexel SMTSU's next meeting to the economics behind professional sport teams in the Philadelphia area. Secondly, this blog will serve as a motivational tool. Check in to discover what your fellow students or even professors are getting involved in and find out how you can become a part of it. In addition to many other functions, this blog can serve as an open forum. Share your thoughts about the NFL CBA negotiations, Erin Andrews' new Reebok endorsement deal, or just who you think will win the English Premier League. There are really no boundaries (within reason, of course). 

The name "The Sports Complex" represents much more than a physical sports complex. It symbolizes a complex of the mind- the way sports can influence or thoughts, feelings, and the way we live our lives. We're all affected by sports, and in a number of ways. It can be sociological, financial, or even psychological. "The Sports Complex" is aimed to represent our feelings about how big of an impact sports can have on each and every one of us.

Kevin Giordano, President of Drexel's SMTSU, took a minute to comment. "With the launch of our blog, The Sports Complex, this is a very exciting time for the Sport Management Student Union here at Drexel. I look forward to it serving as a vehicle for announcements, press releases, and member blog entries/columns. I also have full faith in Dan Mullin, SMTSU Director of Communications, who has been tasked with running the blog. Dan has the perfect blend of industry experience, professionalism, and creativity to lead this initiative in the right direction. It is in good hands and I am confident this blog will be a valuable asset to our young organization moving forward."

As it is meant to be an open forum for discussion, all students are invited, or rather encouraged, to participate. Students are welcome to submit their own posts, engage in conversation in the comments section, or even just submit ideas and thoughts about what could be improved. Please e-mail any submissions or questions/comments regarding the blog to Dan Mullin- To comment on a post, simply click the "comments" button and type away.

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