Monday, March 7, 2011

FIFA Officially Bans The Snood

The International Football Association Board met this past week to discuss many different matters, some more important than others. One of the hot topics was goal line technology and the decision on whether or not to use video replay. While a concrete decision was not reached there, a ruling was handed down on another topic that is very important to some players- the wearing of "snoods". The IFAB officially decided to ban snoods, which are pieces of cloth used to keep the neck warm, citing that they are not part of the official equipment of the game. 

The popularity of the snoods skyrocketed this past winter, and one could be spotted in just about any Premier League match. Some of soccer's biggest stars like Samir Nasri and Carlos Tevez enjoyed the comfort of warm necks during winter's coldest months. Virtually everyone sounded off with their own opinion, with the likes of the legendary Roy Keane criticizing them strongly.

FIFA's controversial (and blatantly corrupt) president Sepp Blatter commented on the matter: "It can also be dangerous. It can be like to hang somebody." How this makes sense is beyond me, but I can agree that there is no place for such unnecessary attire in the game of soccer. Hopefully by next winter the snood conversation will have been dropped altogether and we can listen to soccer commentators instead ramble on about something more relevant to the game itself.


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