Monday, March 14, 2011

HIO: State of the (Student) Union

The Sport Management Student Union (SMTSU) at Drexel University has been in existence for 73 days, or almost 11 weeks, or almost one complete academic term.

Over the course of a term, the organization has successfully established a stable foundation for future growth. Specifically, this term we held bi-weekly meetings, staged a large event, and launched a blog.

The goal of meetings is to hit at least one element of our four-pronged approach (sports industry education, networking, and professional and personal development).

Our large event of the term brought my love for working in sports full-circle.  Having spend three seasons with Sky Blue Women's Soccer, holding an evening involving Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) was an excellent venture. Mike Milich, Senior Director of Sales at Sky Blue FC, educated attendees on the pros of working in a smaller organization and offered his advice for working in the industry. 

This blog has also been an excellent initiative for us. Run by our Communications Department, consisting of a Director of Communicaions and a Manager of Communications, we have surpassed 2,000+ hits in the month-and-a-half "The Sports Complex" has been in existence. Thanks to you, the readers, for making this happen. We have bolder ambitions for the blog in the future, so please continue to read and suggest it to your friends!   

As an organization, we can only go up from here. As membership grows and word spreads, we will attempt to perfect and introduce new initiatives. For next term, expect bigger and better meetings, events, and ventures.

Organizational leadership will also grow next term with the introduction of the Director of Marketing officer position. This will task an officer with managing, implementing, and controling our organizational message and brand. 

During the Spring we also anticipate launching the Sports Industry Ambassadors Program, where we will go into local Philadelphia high schools to educate students about working in sports as a possible career choice. This will hopefully provide benefit to all students, especially those not on-track to graduate. We hope the benefits and "sexiness" of working in sports serves as a motivational tool for students to perform well in their classes. We have been in contact with a few schools in the area and expect to launch this new program shortly, with the goal of increasing it in size and scope come the Fall. 

With a base established from this past term, expect bigger and better from us moving forward.

Thank you again for your continued support!

Yours in Sport,
Kevin F. Giordano

Kevin Giordano is a sophomore Sport Management major, with experience working in women’s and men’s professional soccer and collegiate athletics. To contact or connect with Kevin, follow him on Twitter (@KevinGiordano).

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