Monday, March 21, 2011


We would tell you to take a little break from watching college hoops today to get outside and have some exercise, but with the weather as it is, why don't you stay inside and watch this short TV ad by the NCAA explaining where their TV and marketing rights fees go.

A couple thoughts on this- obviously the NCAA feels the need to explain something because of its growing reputation as a money-making machine and its lack of transparency on the business side. Does this simple commercial have you convinced? Secondly, watching this without thinking too much about it might lead the viewer to believe that it's the NCAA that provides $2 billion annually in financial aid, while it is really the NCAA member colleges that do. A little slight of hand on the NCAA's part, and they sound like a clean, good will oriented organization.

We'd love to hear some of your thoughts on this.


  1. Typical spin by the NCAA--can't say I'm impressed. But in a world where doing the right thing doesn't seem to matter as much as SEEMING to do the right thing, it'll still save face with some people. I'm not convinced, though.

  2. Thanks for the input, Ryan. I think there are a lot of people out there who fail to see the NCAA for what it really is. Those are the people who are fooled by this commercial.