Monday, January 21, 2013

From College to Elite: Good or Bad Move?

Chip Kelly is the New Philadelphia Eagles head coach. Philadelphia fans always expect the most out of every season and they desperately want a Super Bowl run. If that wasn’t enough pressure for Chip Kelly, he just received a lot more.

According to Adam Schefter from ESPN:

So what does this mean? It means the Philadelphia Eagles must have a lot of confidence in this guy. I personally am both a Philadelphia Eagles and an Oregon Ducks fan and I still don’t believe this is the right move for Philadelphia.

I believe that they are completely over paying a guy who they have not seen coach in the NFL yet. It’s kind of like giving a college player that you have drafted in the first round because he was one of the elite players in his class in college and giving him a top tier contract in the league.

Not only are they over paying this man, but also the Eagles are essentially setting him up for failure. How? This would be a completely different situation in almost every other city but because it is Philadelphia, it is a risky move. Now that he is getting paid this much money it is a huge sign that they expect Super Bowl run in the next year or two, they being the front office and Eagles Fans.

Believe me, I hope his system can work in the NFL and I hope a Super Bowl run does indeed come soon. However, I just don’t see the point of paying Chip this much money this soon. I just hope Chip Kelly can see that we are willing to give him this much money and it forces him to step up and prove that he is worth this money.

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