Monday, January 28, 2013

Possibly No U.S. Open Tennis This Year?

The Australian Open final took place yesterday morning and it saw number 1 seed Novak Djokovic defeat number 3 seed Andy Murray to win his third Australian Open Final.  Murray had just come off an impressive five-set win against Roger Federer. It was simply an amazing match played by two of the top players in the world today. It is amazing that the level of tennis is so high and tennis still ranks low on the totem pole of sports. Especially when it comes to the Australian Open, because of the time zone differences. However, considering this is arguably the best era of tennis ever on the Men’s side, you would think more people would be interested.

Unfortunately for Americans, the best players are all from Europe causing less interest in the United States. It is hard to build up a sport in the United States unless you have a fan favorite to root for and I can’t forget to mention he has to be good and win. For awhile, Americans had Andy Roddick, who despite having a great career, only won one grand slam final and that was in 2003. It is a shame that such an elegant, grueling, intense, and strategic sport does not receive the publicity it deserves. I truly believe that if one American, maybe John Isner ( famous for the longest tennis match ever a couple years ago at Wimbledon), could break through and become a star and win multiple Grand Slams, than tennis could start to grow in the United States. People could then realize how much of a mental strategic sport tennis is along with all the physical strains it puts on the body. 
It seems as if the only time tennis becomes relevant in the United States is during the U.S. Open which takes place at the end of August into the beginning of September. However, there is a chance this might not happen this year due to a possible boycott by players. The USTA plans on moving the Men’s Final from Sunday to Monday night, causing an extra day for the tournament. The players are highly against this because they already complain the season is too long and demanding on the players’ bodies. The players also believe the pot money should be raised and that could be one of their reasons for boycotting. It is still a while off, but if the U.S. Open does not take place this year, would anyone even notice? I know I would definitely be upset.

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