Thursday, January 17, 2013

Under Further Review: Don't Forget About Yourself

As winter term 2013 rolls on and into – gulp – week three already, you may be feeling the stress.  Homework piling up.  The seemingly never-ending co-op search.  Trying to figure out which extra-curricular activities will best fit your jam-packed schedule.  It all seems so daunting which is why I challenge you to not forget about yourself during winter term.

Each term seems to get busier and busier, and with that comes less and less time to do things for yourself.  But it is extremely important to not forget.  You need to relax.  Do not let the stress build up.  But how?
Here are three of the many ways that you can beat the stress in winter term 2013:

Read A Book – I’m not talking about a book for class because you should already be reading those.  Read a book that you want to read.  It’s a novel idea, I know (pun intended).  But it really does help you get away from all of the screens in your life – computer, television, and phone.  If reading a book seems too intimidating with schoolwork on top of it, read a book that is more of a compilation of articles instead of a novel.  That way if you miss a week, you don’t need to worry about what you read last because now it’s a new topic.  I plan on doing with What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell and The Best American Sports Writing 2012 edited by Michael Wilbon.
Potential Goal: Read for 30 minutes a day Monday through Friday.

Workout – Ugh I know, physical activity why would I ever do that!?  Well physical activity really helps you divert your mind from all of the hoopla going on in your life.  And do something that interests you!  This is all about you is it not?  Do not just say that you will go to the gym when in reality you hate the gym.  That is not helping too much. 
Potential Goal: Play pickup basketball for a total of five hours each week.

Eat Right – This is one that many college students struggle with.  Money is tight and when you break down the pros and cons of it all, a case of beer may look a little more enticing than a supply of fruits and vegetables.  But you need to focus.  A healthy and consistent diet can help manage stress levels a lot more than one may think.
Potential Goal: Eat fast food a maximum of one time per week.

Week two is wrapping up and week three is poised to rear its ugly head in a matter of days.  But you can be prepared.  Don’t let the school stress get the best of you, and most of all don’t forget about yourself.

How do you combat the stress of the loaded Drexel terms? Share in the comments section below!

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