Monday, January 21, 2013

Super Bowl Preview: Harbaugh Bowl

The NFC and AFC Championship games are over. This Super Bowl has a lot of story lines going in to it that we are sure to hear of over and over again for the next two weeks. Jim and John Harbaugh facing each other for the Lombardi trophy. Will Ray Lewis retire with a Super Bowl trophy? Is Joe Flacco considered an elite quarterback with a win and will it bring in a huge pay day. My thoughts.

Get ready to be tired of ESPN guys. All we are going to hear about is the Harbaugh’s and Ray Lewis. Not saying that this is going to bother me because it is to be expected of and why not, it is after all the Super Bowl we are talking about.

It is going to be very interesting how this rivalry heats up between the two brothers, who are very competitive, and what this pursue of a Lombardi trophy does to them. Both teams have a good run game, although San Francisco does have the advantage, and both teams have a great defense.

This game is going to come down to play calling for the Ravens. Don’t get me wrong the Ravens have great playmakers at the WR and TE position, however, I get so frustrated when I watch their offense. They remind me of a recent poorly coached Philadelphia Eagles squad, who although they had one of the most talented halfbacks in the game, refused to run the ball more. Ray Rice is a huge playmaker and torched the Patriots, even though once again I do think he did not get the ball enough.

On the other side, I think San Francisco has to be able limit the deep balls that Joe Flacco loves to throw. Another big part of Flacco’s offense is his tight ends. He always looks to Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson and they are decent blockers too. If they can limit the amount of deep throws and not let the tight ends get going, they should be fine. Not to mention that Joe Flacco does have a tendency to throw some questionable balls now and then and with the rush of Aldon Smith and Justin Smith it wont make it easier.

The Ravens do have a little bit more of an emotion factor with this being Ray Lewis’s last game. What a career for this guy. It is going to be very strange an awkward looking at that defense next year and not seeing number “52.” However, I am sure that Ray Lewis is not looking to the future as of yet and has his eyes completely set to that trophy, maybe even Disney Land.

Another story line we are going to be hearing a lot of is Joe Flacco. Does winning this game make him an elite quarterback? In my opinion, even with the win, it doesn’t. I just don’t see it. When I watch Ravens games, I don’t ever jump out of my seat watching him. Even the games they win, I always see a lot of over-thrown balls and misread plays. He is a good quarterback but not a great one, in my opinion. However, I do think that he has played well enough for a new contract. This man needs to get paid!

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