Monday, February 4, 2013

Clippers Eyeing Garnett

The Clippers have been a huge surprise this year and it looks like they might soon become the number one team in Los Angeles. It seems though that they are not sold on their rotation and are looking in the direction of a 37-year-old veteran to add to their repertoire.  That 37-year-old being Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics. 

Sean Deveney recently tweeted that “Sources tell Sporting News that the #Clippers have contacted the #Celtics about Kevin Garnett. Offer would include Caron Butler and Bledsoe.” Wow would this be shocking trade. Is it realistic though and if it is who does it favor?

I personally do not buy this trade. Kevin Garnett is one of the most loyal players in the league and I feel like he has really fallen for Boston. Boston is his home now and I do not believe that “The Big Ticket” will waive his no trade clause to go to LA.  On the other side, Boston does not get much better after completing this trade. Caron Butler only averages about 9 points a game and would most likely be coming off the bench when Paul Pierce would come off the court. Eric Bledsoe is a player I really like and he would make Boston better, however, it would be short lived. Eric Bledsoe would probably go on to have a good year with Boston only to leave the team because he would probably choose not to go back to a backup role when Rajon Rondo returns. It is possible to move him to the two guard position, but it seems that Avery Bradley has locked up that spot.

If the trade were to go down, I would have to say that the Clippers are definitely the winners of the trade. KG would bring a lot of leadership and experience to a young team. Would it be enough to come out of the West? Possibly. KG would be added to an already huge frontcourt. Yes, they do lose a solid small forward and a huge young talent, but Eric Bledsoe would of probably left the team in free agency a year later. Also Jamal Crawford or Chauncey Billups can run the point when CP3 is not in the game. The Big Ticket in LA would definitely turn this team from a regular season team to a HUGE PLAYOFF contender. Thoughts?


  1. Garnett is part of a handful of players in the NBA that has a no trade clause.

  2. I am not a fan of this trade, but to play devil's advocate, do you think that we could see an Alex Smith-Colin Kaepernick dynamic here if this happens? Eric Bledsoe has shown in limited time this year that he can be something special if he got the shot. If you're Boston, do you at least think about moving Rondo at season's end for another piece and commit to Bledsoe if he keeps playing well?

  3. Garnett does have a no trade clause, that is true. However, he can waive it. He won't but he can. As to an Alex Smith-Colin Kaepernick dynamic, I would have to say I disagree. Rondo is too much of a huge talent and honestly the new face of the Celtics. Bledsoe is good but if that were to happen it would have happened with the Clippers already. The Clippers would be happy to trade Chris Paul if Bledsoe were to play lights out because there is still that fear with Paul leaving them in the offseason.