Thursday, February 7, 2013

Water Cooler Talk: What Super Bowl Commercials Worked and What Didn’t

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the best days of the year to be a football fan.  This year the game was very competitive but the Baltimore Ravens were able to come out on top.  The game is great but my favorite part of the Super Bowl is the commercials.  This year I felt that the commercials were a little disappointing.  Even with the disappointment there were some that stuck out and others that just flopped.  I am going to talk about a couple commercials that I liked and some that I did not like. 
The ones I liked:

My favorite commercial of the day was the Tide Miracle Stain.  This commercial was very clever and gave me a nice laugh.  It was great that Tide featured the teams that were in the Super Bowl in the commercial.  I don’t know if I just noticed it more this year but I feel like more commercials featured the teams in the Super Bowl this year than any year before.  Regardless this was an awesome commercial and it worked out very well for them since the Ravens won the game.

Another commercial that I liked a lot was the Mercedes Benz Soul commercial.  This one had to be one of the most expensive to film because of all the big name stars in it including William DaFoe, Usher, and Kate Upton.  Mercedes had a lot of commercials before the Super Bowl to build excited me for this one.  In the end it did not disappoint because it was different.  It did not have to be funny to be a great commercial.  Mercedes put out a very good commercial that was rated by Forbes as the best commercial from Sunday.

The ones I didn’t like:  

One of my least favorite commercials was the E*Trade baby.  These commercials use to be funny when they first came out a few Super Bowls ago.  I use to look forward to the new one and they were always pretty funny.  Now I feel like they have run this idea into the ground.  The commercials are no longer funny and they need to come up with a new ad campaign.  Maybe other people still enjoy the E*Trade baby but I am no longer a fan. 

The Go Daddy commercial titled “Perfect Match” was one of the creepiest commercials of all time.  They went with a whole new approach to combine sexy and smart and it came off really weird.  What made it worse was the close up view and the enhanced sounds of the kiss.  Even though this commercial was so odd it was Go Daddy’s most successful Super Bowl commercial ever.  Over 4 million people viewed it on YouTube before it even premiered.  I guess this goes to show that the best commercials don’t always yield the best results.  

As I said before these commercials were some of the most disappointing in recent years. I hope that next year’s commercials improve and give us some really good ones that we will look forward to seeing every time they come on.  Until then I will just have to deal with being grossed out by Go Daddy and hating the E*Trade baby.

What did you think of this year's commercial lineup?          

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