Thursday, February 14, 2013

SMTSU Member Spotlight: Zach Tomlinson

Zach Tomlinson is a currently a freshman in Drexel's sport management program.  Coming from Hilliard, Ohio, Tomlinson attends Drexel to pursue his interests in venue operations, ticketing, and general management.  His love of both sports and business naturally led to pursuit of a degree in sport management.  One day he hopes to work is way up to his dream job of either becoming the General Manager of the New York Yankees or becoming the Athletic Director at Ohio State University.

Tomlinson's sporting interests lie in football, baseball, and basketball.  His two favorite teams are the Yankees and Ohio State which is right in line with the two organizations that hold the position of his dream job in the sports industry.  His Yankees fanhood explains why his favorite athlete in all of sports is Derek Jeter.  In his free time, Tomlinson enjoys movies, TV, music, and history.

Although Tomlinson is only a freshman, he already has experience in the sports industry.  While in high school in Ohio, Tomlinson volunteered his time in his high school's athletic department and also volunteered at a local rec center.

Everyone please welcome Zach Tomlinson to the Sport Management Student Union!

You can connect with Zach Tomlinson on LinkedIn

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