Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Super Bowl: The Weather Denies Record Ticket Prices

Maybe the price of a ticket to this years Super Bowl at Met Life Stadium will not be as unaffordable to the average sports fan in America as first reported. Well that is unless you are still willing to dish out $1,500 for a nosebleed seat where the players look like ants running around on the field.
So maybe the prices are not as astronomical on the resale market, as many people once predicted at a price of about $3,000, but we can all thank the Super Bowl selection committee for the decision to play in this outdoor stadium. The reason for the dramatic decrease in price is due to the frigid weather expected in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
Located in the New York Metropolitan area, this years Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks was predicted to produce record-breaking ticket prices for the big game. As we are approaching February 2, it is getting pretty clear that the weather will be freezing and maybe not worth spending thousands of dollars to witness the game. As ticket prices are plummeting, resale ticket holders are entering panic mode due to the buyer's unwillingness to spend the big bucks because of unpredictable weather.

On paper this is scheduled to be one of the best games in years with the number one offense led by Peyton Manning going up against the league's number one defense led by the recently controversial Richard Sherman. This is Peyton's chance to prove once and for all that he can produce not only in the post season but also in cold weather after a record breaking regular season. If the Broncos win this game against this tough Seattle defense that has the self proclaimed "best cornerback in the game", Peyton will once and for all quiet the naysayers. If this on-field battle is not enough to bring fans to the stadium I do not know what will.

The weather is the biggest factor in the resale ticket prices, but as the date further approaches and fans tune in to the forecast for a better understanding of the weather, the tickets will sell. Well, that is as long as it is not projected to snow and the possibility of the temperature being above 40 degrees. Yes I am wishfully thinking, but this is also what thousands of ticket scalpers are also doing. Unfortunately a comfortable temperature is highly unlikely, but as long as snow is not in the forecast I would not be surprised if the ticket prices slightly rise. The previous three coldest outdoor Super Bowl's were Super Bowl VII at 50 degrees in Houston, and Super Bowl's IX and VII with temperatures of 46 and 39 degrees in New Orleans.

Maybe fans will come to the realization that it is better to sit in the comfort of your own home with a high definition television and a clear view of every play (and for some more importantly the halftime show), than spend thousands of dollars to sit in the nosebleeds when it is frigid and watch players the size of ants run around on the field.

Alexa Fontanella is a freshman Sport Management Major at Drexel University, from Totowa, NJ. This winter she will be working with Drexel Athletics on marketing strategies and game day operations for the Drexel Dragons basketball team. Alexa is looking forward to participating in her first co-op next fall and is excited for such an amazing opportunity. She is a huge New York Sports fan, specifically the Yankees and the Nets. Follow Alexa on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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