Monday, January 6, 2014

The Sports Complex: 2013 in Review

The Sports Complex

2013 was an incredible year for both Drexel SMTSU and The Sports Complex. Below is a few statistics and notable accomplishments and moments for TSC during 2013.

Most Viewed Post

How To Lose $16 Million With One Racist Phrase: The Sergio Garcia Edition by Aaron Coleman (@shutupcole) with 1,114 views

Athletes and endorsements go hand and hand. I mean, we have: LeBron James and Nike, RGIII and Adidas, and even Jimmy Johnson and Extenze (yes, that was an attempt at humor). These companies want to market their products by using the best of the best in various fields to make average Joes want to go out and buy their ridiculous overpriced products. However, the athletes also have an obligation to represent the company properly at all times by not acting like an uneducated imbecile. This is where PGA golfer Sergio Garcia screwed up…big time Tuesday night.

Most Articles Written

Kevin Rossi (@kevin_rossi), our fearless President, wrote 45 ARTICLES during 2013! You can see his full feed here. Some of the most viewed include: College Football, All Players United, and the Media , Fox Sports 1 Ready For Launch , 5 Steps to Manage Your Personal Time in College, and finally NHL Playoffs versus NBA Playoffs which was viewed 592 times, our second highest viewership for a post for 2013!

New Writers join the TSC team

Alexa Fontanella
Cole Miller
Patrick Gallagher

The TSC writing team was joined by the above 3 authors in 2013, and all have written great material for our site. We are always looking for more writers, so if you would like to write for The Sports Complex contact Kevin Murray at Thank you to all of those that wrote for TSC this year and we are looking forward to 2014!

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