Monday, January 27, 2014

The Drexel Connection: Patrick Gallagher

This week the Drexel Connection spotlights Patrick Gallagher. Patrick is currently the Athletic Administration and Business Operations Assistant with the Drexel Athletic Department. Patrick is a graduate student (2nd Year) at Drexel University and also serves as the graduate advisor for the Sport Management Student Union on the Advisory Board. Prior to launching a professional career in higher education, he spent seven years in New York City cultivating his skills as a leader in media sales and consulting for a mid-size advertising firm representing large global corporations. However, like many of us might have to face in the future, Patrick reached a point in his life where he was not pleased with the direction he was headed and decided to make a change.

Patrick explained this time in his life to me through an email interview.

“Although my time in New York has proven to be a successful start to a career in business management and partnership cultivation, I became disheartened that the foundation of sports was no longer playing a major role in my life. After spending much time, energy and sincere thought on this subject (3 months total), I was motivated to connect with leaders and mentors of mine in the sports industry to help cultivate my decision of working toward a new professional future. It was because of these many conversations and meetings that I now have achieved clarity and focus on what I want to pursue for my long term career (become an Athletic Director at a Division I program like Drexel or my alma mater Villanova). It is for these reasons, and many more, as to why I am in my 2nd and last year at Drexel University and attaining my Masters in Sport Management.”

I asked Patrick what his day to day responsibilities include in his current position to which he responded,
 “My daily responsibilities can be described as being dynamic and diverse. To be more specific though, it is broken out to be 60% spent in the office and 40% at the fields/courts. While in the office, I support the Drexel Athletic Cabinet by tackling big picture projects through compartmentalizing into small achievable and attainable tasks. This can include data analysis on budget allocation or scholarships awarded to student-athletes; or developing a program or procedure that will streamline the communication both internally and externally. The other 40% of my job includes the set-up and tear-down of facilities for our 18 varsity sports. Between Vidas field and the DAC, the preparation for a varsity event requires an inordinate amount of attention to detail so that the fans, coaches, players, etc. have a great experience.”  

Patrick was then asked what his favorite part of the job was and the biggest piece of advice he would give to anyone looking to get into college athletics.

"My favorite part has to be the people I work with and the environment of being on a college campus. Plus, having multiple opportunities to play a major role in creating a general atmosphere of enthusiasm, collaboration, and motivation for each and every student-athlete to excel in both academics and athletics. As for the biggest piece of advice I can give someone who is looking to get into college athletics is to have a passionate focus and relentless desire to deliver the absolute best work – no matter how big or small the task – as this will help you in the following two ways: (a) propel you forward in your knowledge of the business/organization and (b) help you to keep a balanced approach for when change and adversity comes knocking on your door." 

Other than being well experienced in the industry, Patrick is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. Patrick is as relatable as it gets and he is always willing to give a helping hand to anyone in need. He believes that two character traits that are supremely underrated but will prove to be invaluable to anyone looking to jump start their career: be kind and learn how to listen. 

He left me with two quotes that have stuck with him. 

On being kind: “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Carl Buehner. 

On listening: “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R. Covey. 

Make sure you learn how to listen so that your responses are effective and meaningful – remember that the word listen contains the same letters as silent.

We are very proud to have Patrick as part of the Drexel Family and the Drexel Connection.


Lindrit Shkodra is originally from Diber, Macedonia but lives in Maple Shade, NJ. He is a sophomore in the Sports Management program and is currently the Treasurer of the Drexel Sport Management Student Union. He currently works for KCB Sports Marketing. In the past, he has work experience with Ron Jaworski's Celebrity Golf Challenge and Ridgewells Catering at the 2013 U.S. Open.  Follow Lindrit on Twitter @LindritShkodra.

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  1. I'm fortunate to have been welcomed with open arms into the Drexel Family and the Drexel Connection...thanks Lindrit for the kind words!