Monday, April 1, 2013

MLB Opening Day: Philadelphia Counting on Phillies

It’s finally April, and April doesn’t only bring showers. It beings the beginning of Major League Baseball. It’s been a rough year for Philadelphia sports teams in the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, but the Phillies could be the glimmer of hope for Philadelphia sports fans and the city itself. The Eagles have cleaned house and are picking top five in this years draft, the 76ers are a measly 30-43 right now, and the Flyers are sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic Division. Philadelphia Sports fans have had a rough 2012 and 2013 so far. 

The Phillies could be the one bright spot for the Philadelphia area this year. Last year the Phillies were stopped short by injuries throughout the year and finished with an 81-81 record. .500 isn’t bad but that also does not get the job done. As long as the Phillies get a full season out of Utley and Howard they should be able to go plus .500. The other major factor to a above average season for the Phillies is Roy Halladay having a consistent season. Inconsisitancy team wide is what lead them to a .500 record last season. If the Phillies keep it together this season they could be the only major league team for Philadelphia to reach the playoffs. 

On the financial side the Phillies need to have a successful season on the field as well. If the Flyers and 76ers continue to fizzle out fans will take their money elsewhere, and the Phillies need to jump all over it. At that point the only other team they may have to compete with are the Philadelphia Soul (Arena Football). The Soul are coming off a nice year and are looking towards the Arena Bowl this year. If the Phillies get out to a good start and start winning right away Philadelphia fans will flock to see a successful Philly team which will generate revenue for the Phillies as well as the city of Philadelphia itself.


Zachary Cintron is a sophomore in Drexel's Sport Management program with a minor in Music Theory and Composition.  Zach also writes for his personal blog, Sports and Music Weekly. You can follow Zach on Twitter at @cintronz.

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