Thursday, April 18, 2013

Water Cooler Talk: Coming Together in Times of Tragedy

This week the sport's world was rocked with the devastating events that happened at the Boston Marathon.  Three people were killed and 176 people were injured some very seriously.  In times like these sports help everyone come together and try to forget about the terrible events that took place.  Here are some of the best examples of this over the past couple days.  

 This video happened last night at the Boston Bruins game.  This was the first game after the explosions on Monday.  All the fans belted out the National Anthem together and made for a great video to watch.  


This video 100% shows my point of how sports can bring everyone together.  The Yankees have gone to Fenway Park and heard this song millions of times.  This song usually brings hate and bad feelings to Yankee fans but on this day all the fans in the stadium sing it together to support Boston.  The Yankees also put different signs around the stadium to show their support for their rival.

There are many articles that have been written about what happened.  A great one that I recommend checking out is by Dan Wetzel which can be found Here. He is an amazing writer and this piece by him is definitely a great read. 

In the upcoming days I hope that whoever was responsible for this is found and given the justice that they deserve.  The people that did this were trying to break the American Spirit.  They chose the wrong group to try to do this too.  Marathoners put their bodies through the hardest workouts possible.  If they thought this would break America it won't.  We are only going to get stronger.  America bends but we do not break. 

More Reads on the Boston bombing:
- ESPN's Bonnie Ford did a tremendous job with her coverage of the event.
- The Atlantic says not fear after the Boston attacks because that's what the culprit would have wanted.
- Sports on Earth's Leigh Montville wrote a fantastic piece on his Boston experience.
- NY Times' Tim Rohan gives the story of the man in the photo that has come to define the attack.


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