Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Sports Biz Report Preview: NFL Draft 2013

This week the Drexel SMTSU’s podcast The Sports Biz Report will spotlight news on the upcoming NFL Draft. With the NFL Draft only a week away collective members of the Drexel SMTSU will share their thoughts on different aspects about the Draft. This weeks podcast will feature Kevin Rossi on Sports Media, Kevin Murray on Sports Law, Mike Proska on Sports Marketing/Business, and Kevin Rossi and myself on the NFL Draft and all that goes into it. 

During the NFL Draft segment of this weeks podcast we will talk a little about the players and team news that will be participating next week. We will also be talking about how the Draft and the players in the draft effect the media coverage and the marketing of the Draft. This year’s draft does not feature any big name players such as Andrew Luck and RG3. Lacking names like this makes the Draft harder to market to non NFL fans. NFL Network and ESPN will still receive their annual NFL fans that come to view the festivities, but not so diehard NFL fans won’t be as thrilled to tune into this years coverage. 

This weeks podcast will be a great listen for all of the SMTSU Blog fans so enjoy when it is published Friday night. 

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