Monday, April 25, 2011

The Anniversary of Pat Tillman’s Death

Last Friday, April 22nd, marked the 7 year anniversary of Pat Tillman’s death.  Every anniversary brings about stories of a hero and his selfless act.  Unfortunately the storyline that dominates the anniversary is the controversy surrounding Tillman’s death.

Pat Tillman was on the verge of becoming an elite safety in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals.  Pat Tillman was on the verge of signing a multi-million dollar contract.  Pat Tillman was going to be a star, a household name.  That was all until he made a decision bigger than any decision LeBron James could ever make, and Tillman didn’t even have his decision televised.

Pat Tillman turned down stardom to join the U.S. Marines.  He always had the military on his mind.  He never let his likely rise to fame get in his way.  His mind was set.

Unfortunately, Pat Tillman’s death has tarnished the hero status he deserves.  Clouded by the friendly fire that resulted in his death and the military cover-up that quickly ensued, Pat Tillman did become a household name, but for all the wrong reasons. 

His legacy is never forgotten.  His story is never forgotten.  The National Football League needs more players like him.  Everybody in the National Football League should act more like him.  The world needs more people like Pat Tillman.
-Written by Kevin Rossi

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