Monday, April 25, 2011

HIO: Many Questions about Thursday's NFL Draft

In all of the talk about the NFL's labor scuffle, it is possible the NFL Draft fell under your radar. If not, then you are probably looking forward to Thursday when the draft will be held in primetime for only the second year.
Due to the labor impasse, franchises will be allowed to trade this year's and future draft picks but they will not be allowed to involve any players in trades. This could cause a minor hit to the excitement of the draft.

The main draw of the draft is the possibility of what could happen. Could my team possibly trade up and take one of the top-rated prospects? Who is my team going to take? Both of those questions harp on the possibility and uncertainty surrounding the draft, which makes watching it fun for die-hard football fans.

While that sentiment has held true in prior drafts, will this one be the same? Analysts and those close to the negotiations have said there will be football this year, but no one knows when a deal will be reached and how close to the start of the season that will be. With the current lockout, will avid football fans choose not to watch the draft due to the labor issue?

Roger Goodell, NFL Commish
(Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Lots of questions, which hopefully will be answered when the draft's final ratings are released. One thing is for sure, Roger Goodell better be prepared to hear the boos when he walks accross the stage in New York City to welcome fans and announce that the Carolina Panthers are on the clock. Be prepared Roger, the boo-boys will be there in force and they are not going to be happy.

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