Thursday, April 7, 2011

Effects of the Lockout

The NFL Players Association met today to present their case to Judge Susan Richard Nelson. She is taking the next few weeks to decide if she will grant an injunction to end the lockout. But what if she doesn’t rule in their favor? What if the issue is not solved, and there is no National Football League action next season? What will you do every Sunday? Here are a few suggestions for you to get through next fall and winter without the NFL:

  • Check out the new and improved PAC-12 (How will Utah and Colorado fit in?)
  • Start playing Soccer instead (Ochocinco)
  • Use your Sundays to mow the lawn, run errands, or do house chores
  • Do your taxes
  • Coach a pee wee football team
  • Go on a camping trip
  • Tailgate for the Bassmaster’s Championships
  • Sleep in
  • Watch home videos
  • Relive the historic NFL teams, seasons, players, and games through replays on TV

No matter what happens, it shouldn’t be too painful. The MLB postseason ends in late October, and the preseason for the NBA starts the week before that. It might be hard to go a whole year without seeing a Lambeau Leap, a touchdown on a punt return by Devin Hester, or an earth shattering hit by James Harrison, but use these helpful suggestions to get you through a boring Sunday afternoon.

-Written by Hayley Zedeck

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