Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Shaka" the World

VCU shocked the world with their magical Final Four run this year in the 2011 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Coach Shaka Smart may be the most valuable piece to the VCU success puzzle.  His story has become very popular lately, turning down both Harvard and Yale to attend the less prestigious Kenyon College during his playing days.  He is only 33 and has brought intensity and energy to the VCU men’s basketball program along with his knowledge. 

Check out Shaka Smart before the team’s Final Four match up against Butler:

Shaka Smart was about to be one of the hottest coaching commodities this offseason before he signed an 8 year contract extension on Monday that raised his base salary from $325K to $1.2 million.  Smart is already benefiting of VCU’s Final Four magic, only time will tell how much the school will benefit.

-Written by Kevin Rossi

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  1. I love this. Both Shaka and Brad Stevens are becoming two of the most respected coaches in the country, and it couldn't be more well-deserved.