Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playoff Push

As the NHL regular season comes to a close and the postseason begins today, many of the playoff teams have implemented new marketing techniques to increase ticket sales and revenue.

The Tampa Bay Lightning started the “Bolts Nation” initiative, which consists of yard signs, window flaps, and T-shirts, in addition to their “beard-a-thon” beard-growing contest for fans, to attempt to drive support in the Tampa Bay Area. The Detroit Red Wings are displaying their top 16 playoff moments in history on tickets to the games. The Vancouver Canucks have given away shirts displaying their team motto “This Is What We Live For.” The Canucks are using this campaign to increase their sponsorships rather than ticket sales because they managed to sell out in only a few hours after tickets went on sale. The San Jose Sharks have historically used playoff appearances to activate new sponsorships with the hope of re-signing them at the start of the next season.

With the playoffs drawing near, the NHL’s teams are pursuing new promotional tactics to not only reach their ticket sale potential, but build stronger relations with current and new organizations that ultimately leads to sponsorship packages next winter. 

-Written by Hayley Zedeck

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