Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phillies Finding New Ways to "Engage" Sponsors

Sports properties are always looking for clever ways to "engage" their sponsors, and the Phillies recently found and innovative approach by partnering with Benari Jewelers to sponsor proposals down at Citizens Bank Park. Via, "the sponsorship will run together with the Phillies’ specially priced engagement packages, which include a live broadcast of the proposal on the video screens at Citizens Bank Park, four complimentary tickets, a champagne toast and a commemorative DVD." Clever.

From a sports business perspective, great stuff from the Phils. We see proposals take place at sporting events all the time, and it's about time someone decided to really capitalize on it. I personally would probably not be able to take advantage of this deal because my girlfriend has told me on numerous occasions that if I propose at a Phillies game (she knows me too well), she will not only say no, but also rip my head off.

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-Written by Dan Mullin

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