Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Co-op Confidential: Josh Brackett

Name: Josh Brackett
Year: Pre-Junior
Company: Philadelphia Eagles
Location: Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA
Position: Ticket Operations Intern

Who are the Philadelphia Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles are a historic football team in the National Football League. Since the team’s inception in 1933, the Eagles have won 3 NFL Championships and have been to 2 Super Bowls. The team is currently owned by businessman Jeffery Lurie.

What are my responsibilities?

I have several primary responsibilities in the Ticket Office. Most of my day is spent providing customer service by answering phone calls from various season ticket holders. Because I have access to the database that stores all season ticket holder information (a program called Archtics), I can inform people about their accounts with the Eagles and answer any of their questions. Many calls involve customers asking how to pay their account balance, asking for information about upcoming events, and checking their position on the season ticket waiting list. I also perform various office activities such as filing, mailing tickets and invoices, and answering customer emails.

Do I like it so far?

I’ve absolutely learned a lot during my time in the office. Everyone’s very friendly, helpful, and nice to work with. Although some customers are a little unruly, it’s been enjoyable to talk to many season ticket holders and help them with their accounts. The customer service aspect of this position is definitely a skill that I’ll take with me to future jobs. No matter what position I’m in, I think it’s vital to know how to talk to people, especially customers, in an intelligent, polite, and informative way. The food is great at the NovaCare facility. It’s also fun to run into well-known players and coaches while I’m over there. Although the position is unpaid, I am compensated for working at various Eagles events, such as the recent 2013 Draft Party at Lincoln Financial Field.


It’s only a part-time position, so I’ve had to figure out other ways to spend half of my days. There are down times when there’s not much to do, but I think that’s the case for many internships. Travel is also a little tough without a car, but it’s only about a 10 minute walk to The Linc from the AT&T subway station.

What am I looking forward to in the future?

I’m always looking for more responsibility and things to do. Although I’m only there 4 hours per day, I try to keep as busy as possible and learn as much as I can while I’m there. Hopefully as my time with the Eagles continues, I’ll be given more tasks and gain a better understanding of certain aspects of the department that I haven’t learned about already. It also be fun when the pre-season starts and I get to work on game days.  


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Josh Brackett is a pre-junior Sport Management major at Drexel University from Boston, MA.  Josh has past experience in the sports industry at ClibHoops Scouting Service and the Philadelphia Freedoms of World Team Tennis.  Currently, Josh is a member of the Drexel Athletics Event Management Team and he writes for his personal blog Get Buckets NBA.  He has also recently joined the Philadelphia Eagles Ticket Office for co-op this spring summer. 

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