Thursday, May 30, 2013

Water Cooler Talk: Adding Value to Your Season Ticket

After a decline in attendance numbers the past couple years, the NFL is trying to boost sales by giving away NFL Red Zone for free to all the season ticket holders.  There are about one million season ticket holders and they all will receive the free mobile version of Red Zone.  There are many benefits that adding this feature will bring to season ticket holders.

NFL Redzone (
One of the biggest benefits is the added value you now receive if you become a season ticket holder.  Red Zone is an amazing channel that allows you to watch all the scoring plays from every game across the league.  If you are at the game you can keep up with how your fantasy team is doing.  When your team is on the road you can watch Red Zone from your house and enjoy action from all around the league.  

Another benefit that the NFL is trying to accomplish is to make watching a game at the stadium as fun as watching at home.  When you are in the comfort of your home you get to be with your friends, have a good view, and eat for cheap.  These benefits are a lot harder to accomplish while at the stadium.  By allowing the fans to have Red Zone they can get better view of all the other games around the league and even better views of scoring plays of the game they are at.  This will give you the at home feel from your seat.

Even though this is a very good idea, there is one major drawback that might cause problems.  A lot of stadiums do not have good Wi-Fi capabilities.  If a majority of the season ticket holders are trying to connect to the Wi-Fi to watch Red Zone this will cause the already slow network to become even slower.  It could possibly get to the point where it is not even worth trying to use because of how long it takes the device to load.  If this were the case this could make fans mad that they got season tickets for this feature and they cannot even take advantage of it in the stadium.

Overall, I believe this is a great idea.  This should increase season ticket sales especially in markets that have a hard time selling tickets to begin with.  I know that if I lived in the Houston, I would definitely be purchasing season tickets.  A problem that might occur is some people that pay for Red Zone might cancel their membership if they will be receiving it with their season tickets.  I am not sure if this would be a huge number of people but it is a possibility.  Other than that I think this is a great way for the NFL to increase ticket sales. 


Greg Monforte is a Drexel University Sport Management pre-junior from South Jersey.  Currently he works at Not Just Pizza in Sicklerville, NJ and Daddis Fight Camps in Philadelphia where he has social media and marketing responsibilities.  Greg is also the SMTSU Director of Marketing & Outreach.  Follow Greg on Twitter @Greg_Monforte.

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