Monday, May 6, 2013

Co-Op Confidential: Michael Proska

Name: Michael Proska
Year: Freshman
Company: Philadelphia 76ers
Location: Wells Fargo Center,  Philadelphia, PA

Who are the Philadelphia 76ers?

The Philadelphia 76ers are the professional basketball team from Philadelphia who plays in the NBA. They play in the Eastern Conference and were formerly owned by Comcast Spectacor. They sold the team to an investment group led by Josh Harris in 2011.

What are your Responsibilities?

First of all, I would like to say this is not my co-op job. Because I am a freshman, I do not go on co-op until next year. However, I was able to score this job as an internship during my freshman year. My title was Night Sales representative. I started the job in February and just finished this past week. The first two weeks consisted of training on how to male sales calls on the phone. Over the rest of the time, I was responsible for making cold calls, and selling 3 game-plans. After the plans were over, I booked tours of the arena for prospective season ticketholders for next year.

Do you like your job?

I learned a lot of skills that in this job that I will transfer to all my future co-ops. The most important one being the ability to sell. Even if you are not in sales, it is important to be able to sell yourself and get people to like you and I learned how to do that through the 76ers internship. I was also able to make a lot of contacts and see how the sales process can be very grueling and tedious.


The downsides of this internship were that it was unpaid and they had us doing a lot of tedious, grueling work. Sitting at a desk, making calls for three straight hours can get pretty boring, so it was important to become friendly with others in the office and keep lively conversation. Another downside was that the time of the internship was not during the meat of the actual NBA season.

What am I looking forward to?

I am looking forward to using what I learned about the sales process in this internship and applying it to my future co-ops and jobs. I hope to be able to build on the relationships I made through this internship and stay in contact with as many people as I can.


Michael Proska is a freshman at Drexel University from Springfield, PA pursuing a Sport Management degree along with a minor in Statistics. Along with being a writer for the SMTSU blog, The Sports Complex, he has an internship with Drexel Athletics in the promotions and marketing department. Michael is a member of the Army ROTC at Drexel University.  Michael is the Secretary for the SMTSU.  Follow Michael on Twitter @mikeprosk.

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