Monday, May 13, 2013

Co-Op Confidential: Lindrit Shkodra

Name: Lindrit Shkodra
Year: Freshman
Company: Jaws Youth Playbook/Ron Jaworski's Celebrity Golf Challenge
Location: West Deptford, New Jersey

What is Ron Jaworski's Celebrity Golf Challenge?

The mission of the Jaws Youth Playbook is to improve the overall health and wellness of at-risk youth in the Greater Philadelphia Region. We will do this by raising awareness and advocating for the access to safe play and healthy choices, and supporting programs providing positive youth health and wellness platforms. 

What are my responsibilities?

I am the events assistant for Jaws. This includes many things. Usually I am in charge of putting everything in our data base. By doing so I have to get very familiar with the names of the celebrities that will be attending the tournament as well as all of the auction items. The auction at the event is one of my main responsibilities. Recently I have been putting everything into Bidpal for the auction we will be having next week.

Do I like it so far?

I love it actually. The people I work with are awesome and they really make me feel part of the family. It feels really good to know that I have a huge impact on the event and the possible outcomes. I get a little star struck sometimes with Ron coming in and talking to me as well as talking to celebrities through email or phone.


I would say there are no downsides. Like any other jobs there is a lot of work to it and with a lot of work comes a lot of stress. Especially as the event gets closer.

What I am looking forward to in the future?

They have a lot of connections. A lot of them being agents. I am hoping that maybe they could connect me with any of them. All in all, it has already been a great networking experience and who knows what the future could be.


Mark Gress
Aaron Coleman
Kevin Rossi
Kevin Murray
Ryan Pratt
Mike Proska


Lindrit Shkodra is originally from Diber, Macedonia but lives in Maple Shade, NJ. He is a freshman in the Sports Management program and is currently the General Understudy of the Drexel Sports Management Student Union. On the weekends he works at the Wegmans in Mount Laurel and on the weekdays he interns with Ron Jaworski’s Celebrity Golf Challenge.  Follow Lindrit on Twitter @LindritShkodra.

Connect with Lindrit Shkodra on LinkedIn.

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